Wednesday, 25 July 2018


The rainy season brings always ill health to all.To face the problem ,to cure from it and to be fit for this season it is better to follow some health tips.A few fruits are very helpful to face the rainy season health issues.Those are...
1.Alla neredu / black berry fruits - These fruits have low calories ,and have iron,folate,potassium,and vitamins .heavy weight people who wants to reduce their weight must prefer it in this season.It digests easily,no problem of indigestion occur with this fruits.
2. Pome granate - It improves immunity, all people must eat daily 1 fruit for good health.
3. Apple - In this season our metabolic rate is very slow ,body feels dull, to over come this ,eat apple , cures ill health and makes body active.
4.Banana - Good source of vitamins and minerals,cleans digestive system, easily digests.children eat daily 1 fruit,gives energy and feels stomach full .
5.Papaya - Vitamin c of it improves immunitry,seasonal ill health will be cured,it has fibre ,helps for digestion , but eat less for good results.