Saturday, 21 May 2011


1.Adequate sleep at night keeps the skin healthy. . Don't be awake after 10 pm. .

2.  Though you are not felt thirsty ,Drink water more and avoid the fridge water. .

3. Avoid cooldrinks and alcohol . .

4. Take bath with light hot water ,don't rub the skin with towel hardly after bathing.smoothly touch the skin with towel,let the skin absorb water naturally .

5. Apply the mixture of gingerly oil and sunflower oil (equally mixed) to the skin after bathing . .

6. Prefer the bath soaps having neem oil,sandalwood ,turmeric ,mustard oil as ingredients. . Avoid the soaps of chemicals and alcohols. .

7.   Prefer leafy vegetables more and use water contained vegetables like papaya ,cucumber etc. .

8. Apply the mixture of two spoonsful of gingerly oil and two spoonsful of butter to the feet ,middle part of the fingers and on the stomach before sleeping .

9.  Prefer to eat the food made with ghee. .

10.  At night ,drink hot milk with old jaggery and in the morning drink the hot milk with two snaps of turmeric ,powder of three peppers and old jaggery. .