Sunday, 25 January 2015


1. URINATION PROBLEM - boil the flowers , paste on navel at their Luke warm state.

Urine will be passed freely.

2. BLOOD IN THE URINE - soak the flowers in cool water for a whole night, in the morning filter it and add sugar candy ,then drink the water.

Stops bleeding in the urine.

3. DIARRHOEA - young shoots 5 gm , cinnamon 5 gm , mix with curd and eat.

Diarrhoea will be cured.

4. WOUNDS - grind the bark and extract the juice , paste on the wounds.

Wounds will be cured.

5. STOMACHE WORMS -  soak the seeds in water , remove the peel and grind well , it in the size of soap nut.

Worms will be died and comes out with excreta.

6. IN SKIN DISEASES - grind the seeds with lemon juice and apply on skin.

7. SWELLINGS - grind the flowers and apply on swellings.

8. SNAKE BITE - take equal parts of modhuga bark , and shonti / dried ginger  , grind well and add water , filter it and take 2 spoons dose with 2 hours interval.

9. FOR MALE POWER - Grind the root bark , mix in milk and drink daily.

Improves male capacity.

10. Make the plate with leaves ( modhuga akula visthari ) and take the meal in it.

Appetite and digestion power will be improved.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


FOR VOMITINGS - mix fried jilukara / cumin seeds  powder with honey and eat.
cures vomitings

FOR HICCOUGHS - eat fried pippali powder with honey . cures hiccoughs

FOR BAD ODOUR OF MOUTH - take 2 spoons of honey in 1 glass of warm water and gargle 3 times in a day.  cures bad smell of mouth.

FOR WEIGHT REDUCTION - mix 2 spoons of honey and 2 spoons of lemon juice in 1 glass of warm water , drink daily in the early morning..
heavy weight will be reduced.

FOR EYE DISEASES - mix equal parts of honey and onion juice , drop in to eyes before sleeping.
cures eye diseases.

FOR SWELLINGS - mix chunam and honey , grind well and bind over swellings.

FOR HEART PROBLEM / GUNDE DHADA - take 1/2 ounce of honey , twice a day.

AS SUPPORTIVE MEDICINE / ANUPANAM - take all ayurvedic medicines along with honey.. the medicine will soon gives result


FOR INDIGESTION AND CONSTIPATION - take equal parts of gal nut , bedda nut ,amla powedrs mix and take 1 or 2 spoons daily.this is called thriphala churna. this improves digestive capacity and cures constipation.

FOR COUGH - gal nut powder and pippali powder take in equal parts add honey and eat.

or keep a piece of gal nut in the mouth and swallow its juice.

cures cough

FOR MOTIONS - make juice with galnut by boiling in water, take 1/2 ounce juice add 2 spoons of ghee and drink.

cures motions

FOR CONJUCTIVITIS / KANDLA KALAKA - soak karakkayathvak in the water at night , filter in the morning and drop in to the eyes as drops.

cures conjuctivitis

FOR ASTHMA - take galnut powder in hukka and inhale the smoke. cures asthma

BURNING WOUNDS - grind gal nut with water add linseed oil to this paste and apply on burning wounds.

FOR TEETH GUM DISEASES  - use the gal nut powder as tooth powder. strengthens the teeth and cures gum diseases.

FOR EYE DISEASES - grind galnut as soft powder and use as eye liner. or soak gal nuts in the water for a whole night and clean the eyes with that water.

cures eye diseases.

FOR MOUTH AND THROAT  DISEASES - suck the gal nut powder with honey...cures mouth and throat diseases.

FOR PILES - 2 parts of gal nut powder ,turmeric powder 1/2 part , jaggery 2 parts ..mix all and take soapnut size mixture with butter milk.

cures piles